We are pleased to report on yet another landmark law, triggered by a woman suing over inequality, that has expanded women’s rights somewhere else in the globe. Last week, the welcome court ruling took place in India. This week, it was handed down in Africa.

“Child marriage is a human rights violation,” declared Ellie Kaufman in a post for The New York Times site Women in the World. She was reporting on a landmark court ruling in Zimbabwe that raised the minimum marriage age for girls from 16 to 18. “Girls who become child brides are less likely to receive an adequate education, more likely to become victims of domestic abuse and have complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Child marriage presents challenges to women and girls in all aspects of their young and adult lives . . . .

“If girls don’t go to school, they aren’t trained properly for any occupation. While many families marry their children off early as a result of poverty — to have one less mouth to feed or to receive payment from a dowry — marrying girls at a young age only contributes to that cycle.”

The suit was brought by two young women who were married at 16.  Loveness Mudzuru, 20, one of the plaintiffs, Kaufman writes, “was pleased by the verdict, but also expressed remorse at the opportunities she had missed as a result of her own marriage . . . .  ‘Now that the court case is over, what is there for me?’”

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  • Oluseye February 9, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    Child marriage has always being a top issue that doesnt look like its fading away as time flies. There should be a collective decision with support from governments to pass a total eradication to child bride.

    I wrote on the importance of early marriage though here: http://www.nawesabi.com/8-hidden-benefits-of-early-marriage/ which should never be confused with that of the former. Child bride is a NO from all of us!