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Yoga — Form and Fashion

In her recent article, “The Yoga of Turning 40,” Jessica Caplan wrote beautifully about the multiple gifts her yoga practice has given her both on and off the mat.

Yoga is a microcosm for life. The paradox of the physical practice of yoga — the asana — naturally mirrors the paradox of human-ness. While we strain and sweat to hold our bodies in challenging poses, we are also reminded, as my teacher expressed that day, that we are not, in fact, these bodies.

Many of us who are making time for a yoga practice in our busy lives, whether we are beginners or advanced yogis, are frequently heading to the yoga studio from the office, or as soon as the babysitter arrives, or as a quick one-hour breather in-between deadlines, or after the Sunday brunch with the family or girlfriends. Often times, we are not exactly thinking of what to wear to yoga . . . or deem it too important. And in the big picture of what really matters, what to wear is certainly not as important as to what you accomplish on the mat.

And yet, a yoga session is about a commitment to self-care — something women too often neglect. Although it’s a practice steeped in fitness and health, it’s also one where the physical experience is very different from going to a traditional gym. On the mat, when you are pushing through a challenging pose, the work is more than what the body can do. On the mat, as Caplan notes, something else happens:  “I’ve shed layers of limiting beliefs, releasing them in sweat. . . I’ve become vastly more comfortable in my skin, and through the sometimes painful process of letting go, I’ve made — and continue to make — space for acceptance of what is.” This is important work.

For those who gift themselves a yoga practice of self-care, especially those of us caught up in 21st century over-complicated, over-scheduled, over-committed, over-everything lives, we’ve scoured the yoga fashion brands for a few key pieces that will, pardon the expression, have you stylishly ready for all the magic that happens on the mat.



Onzie Pinstripe Capri Pant (Image:

With a fun and unique pinstripe print, a low-rise waist band, these mid-calf length capris are designed to be form-fitted and will stretch and move with your body., $56

Yogaalo Flux Long Sleeve Top (Image:

From savasana to Sunday afternoon lounging this Flux Long Sleeve Top is the coziest cover-up. With the twist cross back, wear a favorite bra or tee layered underneath., $68



LOLË Almas Top (Image:

This luxuriously soft open back top layers beautifully over a tank. Falling just above the hips, its fine jersey fabric is naturally absorbant and offers a relaxed sihouette., $165



nualime Such a Tees T-Shirt (Image:

This insanely soft tee features a flattering scoop neckline and open back with unique horizontal stripes. Cut longer in the back, it covers your bum, and looks perfect when paired with eggings., $64

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