OK, it’s all over but the glitter. At WVFC we’ve contemplated Oscar fashion and style, welcomed the 2012  host, mulled over the nominees and celebrated a few. We’ve run reviews of some nominated films, and, in one of them, found ourselves in the conversation about sexism in Hollywood. Our food editor Ro Howe made sure we had a full menu of Oscar-night finger foods to get us through the  marathon.  We love the Oscars here at WVFC and clearly have been lookng forward to the big night.

Last year, we watched the Oscar telecast together, gossiping about the dresses, the young hosts, and the show itself. We are looking forward to having our annual Oscar party live here again tomorrow night!

Is there a film or actor you’re rooting for this Sunday? How do you think the show’s writers will handle the material? Will it be “fresh,” as Billy Crystal tweeted that the directors want—even though, as Crystal added, the show comes  “from an industry that just brought us Fast & Furious 5 and Harry Potter 7, part 2“?  Who will win in the Meryl vs. Glenn faceoff?  Who will be the best dressed and who will make big dress mistakes?  Please send in  your opinions in comments, whether they’re optimistic or snarky: we love both.

If you’re planning on watching any  of Sunday’s broadcast, from the red carpet to the sleepy last call, we hope that you’ll stop by this site. From 4 p.m. on, we’ll have a post ready for comments; if you’re an early bird and want to chime in on the full red carpet, you might notice some things the rest of us have missed. Our own Patricia Yarberry Allen, Alexandra MacAaron, Diane Vacca, and Chris Lombardi will be in full Oscar mode by 5, and we’d love it if you took a moment on your smartphone or other device to give  a few responses. It’ll be a lot of fun, we promise!

And below, courtesy of Women & Hollywood, a glimpse of who we MIGHT have been rooting for had the nominations gone differently.





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