Last week’s article “From the WVFC Archives” gathered together our recent research-driven, physician-written articles on breast cancer. Naturally, Women’s Voices for Change has also given voices to patients. These are their stories.


Grateful for Being Chosen—Lessons Learned from Breast Cancer
By Women’s Voices for Change
A Wednesday 5 link to a personal and intimate story of courage, survival, and willpower to fight the disease—the story of Judy Pearson.

Video Pick: The Education of Dee Dee Ricks
By Women’s Voices For Change
This candid 2011 documentary, by award-winning newswoman Perri Peltz (available on Netflix), chronicles the transformation of a successful businesswoman into a determined advocate for poor breast-cancer patients.

[VIDEO] Giving a Voice to Metastatic Breast Cancer
By Women’s Voices for Change
This moving montage will put faces—and voices—on some of the women who live with metastatic breast cancer.

Ode to Breast Cancer Hope: The Movie FIVE Doesn’t Disappoint
By Alexandra MacAaron
Last night, I watched the original Lifetime movie FIVE (available on Netflix). I expected five short films, each focused on an individual woman’s experience with breast cancer. I expected powerful performances and sensitive subject matter, presented with respect and gravitas by earnest celebrity directors. What I didn’t expect was to be quite so moved. And I certainly didn’t expect to laugh.

Video Pick: Wanda Sykes Talks Breast Cancer
By Women’s Voices for Change
Wanda Sykes comes out about her decision to have a radical double mastectomy.

Betty Ford: A Woman Whose Trials Inspired Millions (VIDEO)
By Carla Baranauckas
“Perhaps it was unusual for a first lady to be as outspoken about issues as I was, but that was my temperament, and I believed in it.”

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