It’s that time of year — New Year’s Resolutions time. Last year, our contributors shared some great ones. Here is a recap of three of our best New Year’s Resolution stories of 2015.



Things We Resolve NOT to Do in the New Year

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‘Tis the season of Resolutions. And if you read Dr. Allen’s hilarious post, “Twerking, Flirting, Pole Dancing: Dr. Pat Reflects on the Vows She Made Last Year,” you know that Resolutions can often push us to be our better selves.

We’re trying something a bit different this year, however: The Anti-Resolution—The Things We Resolve NOT to Do in the new year. Our readers and contributors shared the habits, practices, and behaviors they’ve been doing (miserably) in the past and that they’ve decided not to do in 2o15. Here are our favorites for our negative positivity list of resolutions! READ MORE



Twerking, Flirting, Pole Dancing: Dr. Pat Reflects On the Vows She Made Last Year

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Today is the first day of 2015. I chose a great many “age inappropriate” resolutions as my focus for 2014. Like many of you, I made some changes in my life that were the result of resolutions, but also found that wishing it so won’t necessarily make it so. And sometimes that isn’t such a bad thing.

These were my resolutions for 2014, and here’s how they turned out.

1. “Sign emails XOXO. I have a dear friend who does this. She is joyful, generous, authentic . . . and over 50, thank you very much. So for those of you whom I care about, get ready! XOXO”

I tried. I really tried. I started out by sending notes to The Husband and signing these XOXO. He didn’t appear to notice. Then I sent an email to the oldest son, who might be a bit judgmental of Mother’s behavior choices at times. I did get a response. “What is this? Are you trying to act like my BFF?” Not encouraging. I tried to close emails to adult friends with XOXO. I hated the way it looked when my name followed. It was, in a word, inauthentic. I am comfortable with Warmly, Warm Wishes, Best, Sincerely, and sometimes . . . Fondly. XOXO and I never became best friends, even thought my BFF and XOXO are perfect together. READ MORE



Dr. Ford on Emotional Health: The Art of Change

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It’s been said that life is a journey; a corollary to that idea is that we are all “works in progress.” The beginning of a new year brings out our wish to make a fresh start and is traditionally accompanied by resolutions to make changes. Newspapers and magazines weigh in with suggestions about what to improve in your life (No. 1 resolution, year after year: lose weight) and how to achieve your goals.

Yet people are quite intractable when it comes to change. To paraphrase the words of Harry Stack Sullivan (“We are all more human than otherwise”), we are all more “ourselves” than otherwise. Despite the human potential for growth and change, we are remarkably consistent when it comes to our behavior, and making real changes involves working against a considerable force to maintain the status quo. READ MORE


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