This week’s blog assortment is full of women making history (though none as grisly as at right), from the birth of Ms. magazine to video of Hillary Rodham Clinton over 30 years of advocacy for women.

  • First, let’s be frivolous and fun:  The latest slideshow from fashion site Refinery 29 offers Five Spring Beauty Essentials—perhaps needed with all that new color about. In addition to recommending (as ever) specific products, it suggests some promising strategies to create  “a week’s worth of completely different faces. From babydoll glam to elegant winged eyeliner, see our step-by-step tutorials and learn how to do them yourself! ” We don’t know if we’ll buy  “Tom Ford Lipstick in Wild Ginger” or “Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink,” but, clicking through the slide show, we learned a few things . You might too.
  • We missed Sunday’s Making Trouble/Making History luncheon of the Jewish Women’s Archive, but we couldn’t resist sharing this promo photo provided for their site by Letty Cottin Pogrebin. “The Ms. staff photo was taken in our editorial ‘bullpen’ in June 1972. I had turned 33 a few days before. I’m the blonde on the upper left—hair down to my pupik, huge aviator glasses,” Pogrebin writes. “Gloria Steinem is sitting on the floor, Pat Carbine, our publisher, is on the chair in the foreground, clearly the only grown-up in the room. I loved my desk because it was near a window and I could keep a couple of plants alive through the winter. The photo of me laughing hysterically with former-Congresswoman Bella Abzug was taken in 1990 at the annual feminist seder that I’ve been attending for the last thirty-six years . . .” Click over to see the photo, and let us know in comments if you made it to the luncheon featuring Steinem and Big Girls Don’t Cry author Rebecca Traister.
  • Friday was the 100th birthday of the late Bayard Rustin, civil rights hero and mentor to many of our BFFs, including Liv Ullman (see video below) and Eleanor Holmes Norton. Underestimated in life partly because he was gay, Rustin—the  driving force behind the historic March on Washington—has, since his death, become  also become a revered gay-rights icon. The blogosphere gave him a party:  New Orleans declared the day a holiday, notes the New Civil Rights Movement, and newly-40 blogger Andreana Clay pens a deep-throated tribute. “We owe it to him . . . to recognize the work that he did for us and to not get derailed by single issue struggles that, as intended, divide our communities,” Clay writes. “I am confident we can do this. As confident as Rustin was when he rightly concluded that, When an individual is protesting society’s refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bayard Rustin, may your life, your dignity, and your love always be celebrated.” If you want to do the same, an easy way might be to check out Nancy Kates and Bennett Singer’s documentary on Rustin.

  • 2010 may have been The Year of the Mama Grizzly, but a new GOP women’s PAC has its eye on 2012,  Samantha Kimmey writes at Women’s enews.  “I think that we will be electing new women to the House, co-chair Suzanne Terrell tells Kimmey. “I think there is a good chance that we’ll elect four new women [to the Senate]:  Linda Lingle of Hawaii, Heather Wilson from New Mexico, Sarah Steelman from Missouri and Deb Fischer from Nebraska.” Let the games begin.
  • We were searingly sorry to miss the Daily Beast’s Women in the World Summit, which featured many WVFC icons, including Meryl Streep, Madeleine Albright, and Nancy Pelosi. So when the Daily Beast offered us the Hillary Clinton mashup below, we were thrilled. Watch closely and see Clinton as a young governor’s wife, a First Lady rocking the Beijing Conference, a presidential candidate, and a Secretary of State putting “women’s rights are human rights” into practice.






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