“Women Are Wondrous”: Lynne Halliday’s Response to Our Challenge to CHANGE

When we profiled singer Lynne Halliday a couple of years ago, she told us of her strong belief in the power—and possibility—of change in later life. Indeed, she described herself as “a work in progress.” Halliday, a new member of our Women’s Voices Board of Directors, offers this response to our recent March Challenge,” in which we urged our readers to find ways to bring some change—however minimal—into their lives.


1Singer Lynne Halliday’s goals have dramatically changed.


Women are powerful and fluid and life-affirming and wondrous at 10 and at 40 and at 101.”

Change. Change is good. Change is healthy. Change is necessary. After all, what we dreamed of at 10 is not what we dream of at 40. We’ve achieved many of the goals we had as young women—marriage, kids, careers. The question is, what are our goals going forward, and are we going to let the limits we experienced as children continue to define who we are now, 40-plus years later? Do our places within the nuclear family need to limit our scope in the big wide world? Or can we explode those limits and embrace new ones—ones that, instead of narrowly defining us, actively open us up to new universes, new experiences, and new joys?

Well, we can. Change is an ongoing process. It’s not always easy or smooth, but the ride can be exhilarating. I see women around me changing every day. It’s not always radical. But the more positive energy they put out there, the more they attract.

I came to a decision last year. After a lifetime of singing in the theater, I felt done. I was no longer experiencing the joy. I thought long and hard about it, and the more I considered my options, the happier I became. I’m a lucky woman: I have options. Do I mourn the loss of the career I dreamed of as a teenager? No. I’ve experienced performing all over the place. It’s stimulating. It’s rewarding. But it’s no longer the be-all and end-all. There are so many other ways I can express myself—through my writing, through my friendships, through my family. Well-meaning friends have said, “Oh, don’t give up!”  Well, I haven’t. I’m moving forward.

Women are powerful and fluid and life-affirming and wondrous at 10 and at 40 and at 101. Think it’s too late? Think you won’t be able to see it through? Think it’s just too much trouble? Well, get over that real fast. It’s never too late to plan a new project, explore a new field, or make a sharp left turn. Do it today. And do it in the company of women. That’ll make for a spectacular ride.

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  • Diane Dettmann March 22, 2015 at 9:50 am

    Thanks for the inspiration, Lynne. Happy writing!