Winter-Proofing Your Skin, Part 2: Facial Treatments

As a part of our winter skin series, our frequent Medical Monday contributor, Anetta Reszko, M.D.,  Ph.D., a dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon in New York City, polled her favorite New York City celebrity facialists, asking them to describe their signature facial treatments and share with us their tips on winter-proofing your skin. —ED.


Winter Skin Care Tips by Sharon Grelsamer (Dangene: The Institute of Skinovation) 

To help winter skin, I like to gently exfoliate in the shower, when the skin is already warm and moist.  A hydrating serum, under a moisturizer, offers extra hydration throughout the day. I often reapply moisturizer in the afternoon if feeling especially parched. I use a hydrating mask 1 to 2 times a week.  A humidifier and/or bowls of water (with drops of lavender for a more soothing and calming effect) on the radiator help to keep the air inside from being too dry. Last but not least, I wear a soft scarf that acts as a physical barrier against the wind and snow to protect delicate skin.

Currently, the in-office treatment that I love utilizes the LED light (Lightwave/ Dermakinetics).  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED lights have a low level of power, free of harmful UV wavelengths and totally safe to use. These LED lights have been used by NASA as “grow” lights to do plant experiments in space and maintain the health of astronauts. In fact, NASA just grew the first flower in space!  Many people may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, which may lead to depression due to the low level of sun exposure during the winter months; here LED lights have practical applications too.

LED therapy stimulates the body’s natural ability to regenerate by increasing cellular metabolism, lymphatic drainage, and a host of other positive processes that result in healthy skin. LED stimulates collagen and elastin production, leading to a more youthful appearance. This technology is gentle, with no down time. Who doesn’t love that?

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My signature Dermakinetics facial treatment combines an ultra-hydrating mask with LED lights that move more rapidly than the naked eye can see. The ceramides or the hyaluronic gel mask boost hydration while reducing inflammation.  [Ceramides are components of moisturizers that repair the skin barrier function and prevent water loss and skin dehydration. They can be classified into a broad category of humectants (along with hyaluronic acid, glycerin etc)]. The lights agitate molecules of powerful hydrators that are otherwise too large to penetrate the skin. Doing this treatment once a week, 6 to 8 times, provides long-lasting improvement to the appearance of the skin.  The treatment may be done once a month thereafter to maintain the optimal benefits.


Joanna Vargas 

Winter is a tough time for skin. No matter what your skin type, everyone complains about the same issue—dull, lifeless, patchy, and super-dry skin.  Here are my tips to soothe the skin during the coldest months of the year.

First, I highly recommend a humidifier in the bedroom. Nighttime is your body’s time for repairing itself, and sleeping in a dry, overheated room doesn’t help. A humidifier can help keep some moisture in the skin and soothe some of the skin irritation you might have. Another great help is coconut oil all over the body at bedtime. Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory; it’s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids for hydrating and is anti-bacterial.

I also recommend that two nights a week you go to bed with a facial mask.  Ideally, you should alternate between exfoliating and a moisturizing mask.  Choose a mildly exfoliating, anti-inflammatory mask with lactic acid. Your skin will feel soothed and prepped when you wake up in the morning. Once a week, go to sleep with a hydrating beauty mask. The sleeping-beauty category is very big in Korean skincare, so it’s easy to find great shea butter–based masks for sleep.  Also, look for “value-added” components  like stem cells and growth factors for collagen production.

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My signature in-office treatment for winter skin is the Triple Crown Facial. We start with a gentle exfoliation with a diamond peel. For winter skin, we apply a mask to the face, custom-blended for your skin type, and we do microcurrent over it. Microcurrent is a proven technology that drains out excess water, tightens the muscles, and tightens the skin. It’s like going to the gym for the face, because it really contours. We finish the facial with an oxygen treatment for soothing and hydrating the skin. People walk out glowing.  Read More »

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  • Isabella March 2, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    Hi Dr. Reszko. How often should would you recommend a facial? Is there are benefit to having a facial done every few weeks? Thanks!