When our Alexandra MacAaron wrote about examining the high-stakes world for women on Wall Street in the film Equity, she pointed out one of the many strengths of the film was the women in front of the camera. The creative team behind Equity are phenomenal women: The film is directed by Meera Menon, and written by Amy Fox from a story by Sarah Megan Thomas, Alysia Reiner and Amy Fox. MacAaron noted:

“What makes Equity particularly interesting — and probably broadens its appeal — is the fact that it’s less a women’s movie than a movie whose main characters happen to be women.  At its core is a suspenseful story that could be about Wall Street wizards of any gender. But, within that story, the movie does explore several intriguing feminist themes. . . Sometimes the women of Hollywood, just like the women on Wall Street, have to make a decision. If the boys won’t let you play, start your own game.”

With the film receiving wonderful reviews before its nationwide release on September 2, it is of note that the major investors in the film are also women. Writing in Forbes, David M. Ewalt examined the high-powered women behind the scenes whose financial contributions made the film possible.

“More than two dozen real-life Wall Street women liked the script so much they invested in the film. Equity received the majority of its funding from a group of female financiers that includes Barclays Investment Bank vice chairman Barbara Byrne, Lebenthal Holdings co-CEO Alexandra Lebenthal, and executives from Goldman Sachs, Citibank and JPMorgan.”

We hope this is just the beginning for films centered on women’s stories. Read more about who these investors are in “Wall Street Women Are On-Screen And Behind The Scenes Of ‘Equity'” at Forbes.

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