Look around.   It isn’t the same old Women’s Voices for Change, is it?  It isn’t the same and it isn’t old.

Just a few short months ago, our board got together and said we must be our message.  We must be sassy, take risks, understand the right and responsibility to reinvent what isn’t working for us and those we love.

And so we began and so we come to today.

Today saw nearly 300 women come together for a luncheon about which you will shortly be reading.  The theme was The Time of Your Life and the topic was reinvention. The program was an conversation between the fearless icon and leader, Ariana Huffington and the dazzlingly intelligent and beautiful Silda Wall Spitzer with the gracious and gifted Magee Hickey moderating.

The minutes fled in a blaze of yellow daffodil-ed springtime rejuvenation.  The spirit of hope was as real as the conversations were deep.

As we were dining on ideas, we were finishing the touches to this our newly designed bold, vibrant and interactive site.  We invite you to mouse around it,  to push all the buttons and marvel at the bells and whistles.  We know it will inspire you to have the time of your life acquainting yourself with our contributors and our message.  It’s a simple one.  This time of life is about being versatile and vital, confident and visible.

Modern menopause which begins before one’s forties and extends to the very end of life is knowing that women have two eras of fertility.  The first is when they are able to create new lives outside themselves and the second when they are able to create life for themselves.  Women’s Voices for Change celebrates how we all burst with ideas, contributions, experiences, questions and answers.

We are delighted to welcome you to our gorgeous new site and our movement.  We invite you to be as active as you can.  Write for us.  Contribute your ideas or your support– as comments or coins.  Engage in the conversation.  Have the time of your life.  That’s just the beginning of what all of us can do together.

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