Stepping up for hard truths: At
WVFC, we’ve long noticed some power women calling the alarm about
sexual assault in the military, including California Rep. Susan Davis,
Col. Ann Wright,
and Helen Benedict, author of The Lonely Soldier.  Today we add another, with a bigger microphone: CBS’ Katie Couric, who came through today with a searing report on the latest report showing  Military Rape Reports Rise, Prosecution Still Low.
“The betrayal issues to this day are still pretty deep,” one soldier
tells Couric. “You
know, I was like, ‘I’m willing to give my life for this guy next to me
but how do I know that he’s not going to hurt me?’” Couric also talks
to Army experts and psychologists. We hope she stays on the story once
the “newsy” part is over.

A new technique for Oprah:  We found it for you first, with Rachel Dent’s “After 30 Years, A New Technique for Living.” But pick up the current issue of Oprah…

and you’ll find a brief piece
about the Alexander Technique, touting the 100-year-old discipline as a
new remedy for back pain. We’ll let you know when she has someone like
Dent on the show, and what they tell her about that maybe-too-comfy

Stuff  I Never Thought I’d be Saying Dept: “Oh, I’m just reading Jane Fonda’s blog.”  We foun d it on  Twitter (of course), and are still learning a lot — from Fonda’s own elegy
for Natasha Richardson  to how “break a leg” came to mean “good luck”
to how it feels to be on Broadway for the first time in decades. (She’s
too shy to mention her smashing reviews, so we’ll supply them here and here.) She knows she’s come a long way since the movie  below.

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