Better late than… what was THAT? For
25 years, only hardcore women’s basketball fans remembered that the
first dunk in all of college basketball was sunk by a woman: “With 11
minutes, 18 seconds remaining in the game, West Virginia’s
6-foot-7 junior center, Georgeann Wells, took a long pass at half
court, and with a clear path to the basket, rose up and slammed the
ball. With the first official dunk in a college game, women’s sports
reached a milestone,”  exults the Wall Street Journal, which not only tracked down the never-shown video above  but showed it to Wells, now coach of her old team.

Survey Sez: “Cougars” have smarter children. “Science comes down on the side of the cougar,” said  New York Magazine and Salon this
week about this Australian study. Salon’s Amy Benfer notes that to
some, the results sounded an alarm, with headlines like “Older Fathers Linked to Lower I.Q. Scores, leaving out the very silver lining.

The simultaneous finding that older women have smarter kids, according
to the same measures, was often buried in the second to last paragraph.
Crunching the numbers, [New York’s] Nussbaum concludes: “The most
children must be the outcome of 45-year-old career women inseminated by
their 21-year-old personal trainers.”

To celebrate the news, why
not watch the current  most famous member of the species, as she and
her younger partner do their bit for the nation?

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  • chris April 7, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    haha great article.