In this week’s Wednesday 5: the Global Women’s Rights Awards announces the 2014 honorees; human rights activist Zainab Salbi shares her thoughts on unselfish kindness; in a clever project, a photographer captures global grandmothers and their culinary masterpieces; artist JR dedicates an incredible art project to portray Women Are Heroes; and two classy ladies, Sally Field and Julia Roberts, engage in a riveting and cathartic curse-off.




Honoring Women in the Fight for Rights of Women and Girls

Each year, the Global Women’s Rights Awards selects individuals who have “contributed significantly—often against great odds and at great personal risk—to advance the rights of women and girls and to increase awareness of the injustices women face on account of their gender.” The Awards are given by the Feminist Majority Foundation. This year, the women honored are steeped in groundbreaking work spanning voting rights, adoption rights, and children’s rights.

  • Rosari0 Dawson will be recognized for “empowering  young Latinas and Latinos to claim a better future by voting and bringing their voices into the political process” through her organization, Voto Latino.
  • Philomena Lee and her daughter Jane Libberton will be honored for the work of the Philomena Project, which
    “pressures the Catholic hierarchy and Irish government to open the adoption records for the more than 60,000 children taken from their Irish mothers and sold for adoption in the U.S.”
  • Barbara Blaine, of the Survivors Network of the Abused by Priests, will be recognized for the “extraordinary work to hold the Catholic hierarchy responsible for covering up priests’ rape and sexual abuse of children.”



Zainab Salbi on Kindness

Zainab SalbiWe were really moved by this blog post on kindness by Zainab Salbi, an Iraqi-American humanitarian, author, and founder of Women for Women International, a grassroots humanitarian and development organization dedicated to serving women survivors of wars rebuild their lives. She writes of an incident one Sunday afternoon in her apartment that left her hands cut and bleeding after a jar shattered. With hands wrapped up, she took to the street to find a taxi. A first taxi driver opened his wallet and gave her a dollar. She responded that she wasn’t homeless, but needed an emergency room.  He took his dollar back and left. A second taxi driver did stop, take her to the emergency room, and even helped her get her money out of her wallet. The incident stayed with Salbi. She writes:

The first taxi driver who offered me the dollar is a good man. Think of it: he saw a vulnerable woman, he went out of his way to roll down his window, and offered a full dollar—which is not a small thing to give. But he did not see me and what I needed, which was to go to the hospital. His act of kindness was more about him identifying as being “kind” than about the person he was being kind to.

On the other hand, the other taxi driver who took me to the hospital probably does not think he did a kind thing by picking up a passenger who was injured, taking her all the way to the hospital, and only taking what she owed him from her wallet. He was doing his job and he got paid for it. But from my perspective—the perspective of the person in need—I experienced true kindness through him. For he saw me and what I needed, and responded accordingly.  His kindness was not about him but about the person who needed the help.

Read more on Salbi’s poignant lessons on what real kindness is.

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Global Grandmothers and Their Culinary Masterpieces


This is such a clever media project by photographer Gabriele Galimberti and a touching way to honor his grandmother. In “Delicatessen With Love,” Galimberti tells us that “With the taste of my Italian grandma’s delicious ravioli in my mouth, I traveled the world and turned into a curious and hungry grandson for grannies from all over the globe. From moose steak in Alaska to fried caterpillar in Malawi, this is a tribute to the grandmothers of the world and their love for good cooking.”



Women Are Heroes

Women Are Heroes is an incredible art project with many images and few  words. Artist JR’s intention is to highlight the dignity of women who occupy crucial roles in societies and find themselves victims of wartime, street crime, sexual assault, and religious and political extremism. This project takes place in Africa, Brazil, India and Cambodia. Watch here




A Good Old “Curse-Off”

And, in this week’s dose of fun, Sally Field and Julia Roberts go head to head in a Jimmy Kimmel “Celebrity Curse-Off.”  Roberts starts off asking, “Why am I in a curse-off with a flying nun?” To which Fields replies, ominously, “We’ll see who’s a flying nun.” Boy, does she peel off the piety! Enjoy the @#$%^ and these classy ladies having the most fun.  The best part is trying to figure out, through all the bleeps, what they are saying!




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  • Roz Warren May 7, 2014 at 10:21 am

    If only they hadn’t bleeped all those curse words. maybe I could have learned something? Fun video anyway though. Thanks.