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NBC’s Brian Williams has referred to the 2008-2009 financial reckoning as “The Troubles,” the term once used across the pond for the seemingly endless wars over Northern Ireland (a struggle that appears ended for now, with countless dead). We like to think of it more as a “Commedia,” that Italian term that encompasses both laughter and, well, hell.

Lately some of the wisest journalism on the subject has come from sources people go to mostly for a chuckle.

As pointed out by Philadelphia journalist Will Bunch, one of these is Jon Stewart. If you’re exhausted from the dire news bombarding us from every direction, even elevators, even cabs, if you can still afford to take one, you can tune in Jon Stewart for a good laugh full of insight and outrage.  If you find you can’t stay up to watch his show because you’re wiped out from trying to defend yourself from the news barrage that the world as we know it is crumbling just as though we’d been attacked by nuclear missiles, or if you can’t figure out how to find Comedy Central on your far-more-complicated-than-necessary cable blipper, have a look at these two pieces.  Perhaps they’re only funny if you haven’t lost your life savings.  Perhaps they’re only funny if you have. He sure does a great job with those bloviating fools.

For a touch of the truly absurd (and true), perhaps you need to check out last summer’s modern Monty Python about the mortgage crisis, as recommended last week by Andrew Sullivan. A fitting coda to our financial commedia.

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