The following note just landed in the email boxes of WVFC’s editor and publisher. We were both delighted, and agreed that it had to be shared. In a way, attorney Mary Faucher has written a manifesto for us.

This is neither a question nor a suggestion, but rather a
note to say: “Keep up the good work!”

I am a 56 year old lawyer in Manhattan, married, with two
children in college.  I am a long-time reader and look forward to the WVFC
daily email alert.  I repeatedly recommend your website to my friends (to
state the obvious, women in their fifties and sixties).


I very much enjoy the breadth of the topics you cover, many
of which touch directly on issues I am confronting at this point in my life: health,
family (e.g., aging parents), meaningful work, not to mention current
affairs.  Like many Americans, I was caught up in our recent election; it
was my first time contributing money to a political campaign and I even
traveled to Scranton, PA to knock on doors.  I also poured over various
political blogs on the internet for news and analysis, but quickly tired of all
the partisanship and hyperbole.  The WVFC website has been a welcome alternative,
covering a wide range of topics of interest to me in an informative, engaging
way, with little of either the Fox News or Keith Obermann type rant.

I look forward to hearing more from WVFC on how people like me
can join the new administration’s call to pitch in to move this country


Mary Faucher, Esq.

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