Where some of us might see a landscape, Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen saw a reminder that grammar and expression must be honored. What an honor to have her share her poetic reflection on the start of the season with us all.

"Seasonal News" begins after the jump.

Seasonal News

Unambiguous statements announce the change of season
from my morning place. Sun salutations greet me from sleep
as I face the windows of the greenhouse of my bedchamber.

Winter arrived here on the ridge this first day of December.
The early morning sky was a cold gray punctuated by 50 
now only exclamation marks all across the hillside view.

Just last weekend the trees were still covered with nouns and verbs,
adjectives and adverbs, telling short stories in the wind.

I should have known that change was coming had I paid attention
to the few dangling participles.
Leaves loosening and falling without attachment to the still vibrant
message of fall beauty in the branches of the trees.

Today there is only the excitement of the new season
in headlines across the sky.

Boldfaced exclamation points straight up from the frosted ground
move me with anticipation out and into the new season.

– Patricia Yarberry Allen

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