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Today is Armistice Day, created to mark the end of World War I, once “the war to end all wars.” When that turned out to be untrue, the holiday was converted to Veterans Day, to honor all who’ve worn our country’s uniform. This year, with rising numbers of women veterans, many (like the Service Women Action Network) are celebrating Women Veterans Day. So we thought we’d offer a bouquet of videos, telling stories of women who served their country and made history at the same time.

The Veterans Administration offers Women’s Stories of Service, as they build “a library that documents women in the United States Armed Forces, from their significant contributions to national safety and security to the ongoing challenges faced during their service and after returning to civilian life.” Among them are Brigadier General Wilma Vaught, the first woman to deploy on a strategic air command….

… and Katrina Goldby, an Army Reservist who served nine years stateside and deployed to Iraq post 9-11.

Eli Painted Crow served 22 years in the U.S. Army, including a 2004 tour in Iraq. She is also a member of the Yaqui Nation, the mother of two sons who served in the military, and the grandmother of eight. Like many vets throughout history, she spends much of her life now working for peace.

Happy Veterans Day. It’s possible that the best way to celebrate the day is to learn, and to reach out. And please share your Veterans Day story below!

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