In rehearsal for The Princess and the Goblin. (Photo: Charlie McCullers, for Atlanta Ballet Blog)

We know Twyla Tharp, 70, is a sharp dresser, but we confess we never imagined that one of the richest interviews with the dance icon would be conducted by Norma Kamali, one of our BFFs in the fashion world. But then, we’d never run across Conversations with Norma Kamali, which has also featured Aveda founder Horst Rebelbacher, fitness and yoga specialists, and even raw food guru Chef Matteo.

Tharp, currently hard at work (see right) with the Atlanta Ballet on her brand-new The Princess and The Goblin, is a legend for her signature dance company, three books, five Hollywood movies,  four Broadway shows, nineteen honorary doctorates,and countless awards. Asked by Kamali how at her age she can keep on producing at such a pace, Tharp said that the key is is “discipline,” more than energy or inclination. “It — it has to do with demanding that you can accomplish more than is easy,” she said. “This is not friendly. This is not … we’re not talking user friendly here.”

Tharp lives that principle every day. Tickets to Princess,  premiering in 2012, are already on sale, Or you can catch Come Fly Away, one of many shows drawn from the work of Sinatra, in performances coast to coast. Below, Kamali’s fascinating questions help us draw inspiration from her example.


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