We were pleased to receive this dispatch from WVFC contributor and blogger-favorite Dominique Browning, announcing the launch of a new initiative, the Moms Clean Air Force–a pollution-fighting organization that draws its strength and conviction from parental concerns. Actor Julianne Moore, a MCAF fan and supporter, appears in the launch video below. For more about Moms Clean Air Force, visit the organization’s website. –Ed.

Please welcome Julianne Moore to our ranks of caring women.

No one cares more about our children than moms. That’s why mothers of all ages and stages are working together to launch Moms Clean Air Force–to fight air pollution as a children’s health issue. We know that air pollution harms fetal development, as well as the growing brains of infants and children. Air toxins cause cancers, birth defects, cognitive dysfunctions–and they trigger asthma attacks. Polluted air harms our lungs, hearts, and brains. Mothers are joining voices to take on powerful fossil fuel lobbyists. We are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. What unites us all is mother love.

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