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Earlier this year a brief fashion controversy was stirred when a British survey of 2,000 women found that it was inappropriate to wear a bikini over age 47. Our own Shelley Singer wrote earlier this year about her decision to wear a two-piece in her 50s. And now comes Helen Mirren, who at 66, was No. 1 in a poll by LA Fitness that asked which female celebrity has the best body. Mirren bested the likes of Elle MacPherson, 48; Jennifer Lopez, 42; Pippa Middleton, 27; and Nicole Scherzinger, 33. So how does Mirren stay in such great shape? Last year she told the Daily Mail that she gives the credit to Wii Fit. (And while we’re talking about bikinis, among other things, Life magazine has a photographic salute to the bikinion its website.)

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