If you think “teenage movies” when you read the name Molly Ringwald, you’re not alone. But the acclaimed actress, who turns 43 today — the star of The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink, currently seen in TV’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager —  is also writer, a long-running columnist for the Hartford Courant. Ringwald started her new book Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick when she turned 40; the result was ” a woman’s dream bible… about finding inner beauty when you are no longer 16,” wrote The Daily Beast. “Ringwald truly wants women to feel admired and confident at any age, and her passion comes across as clearly (and quirkily) as it did in her teen movie years.”

To celebrate Ringwald’s birthday, watch below as she talks to Chelsea Handler about the book, growing older and staying sexy, and whether you can really remove freckles with sandpaper.


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