It has now been ten months since Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, 41, was shot while meeting with constituents.  As she fought her way to recovery in a Houston hospital, we’ve kept up with her when we could, including when she traveled to Washington to cast her first post-attack vote on the debt ceiling.

This week Giffords is back in the news in numerous ways. On Tuesday she released a video message to he constituents, telling them that   she “wants to get back to work” and hopes to be in shape to serve in Congress again. The night before, ABC News 20/20  broadcast a segment (full 41 minutes here) featuring Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, talking to Diane Sawyer about the year they’ve had.

Below are a few glimpses of that hour. Kelly–who with Giffords has just published a new book,  Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope–described the months and months of daily, hourly therapy and his determination to get back the brilliant woman with whom he fell in love.  Clips from the hours of video footage of Giffords in hospital, recorded by Kelly, help us understand how someone so grievously injured  could even consider serving again in the halls of Congress. Seeing her got us wondering if it might take Giffords’ return to Washington to prove Gloria Steinem right about the kind of womanpower needed to spur more sensible gun laws.  Whether or not she does, we won’t soon forget the bravery, humor and music — yes, music! — her story brought to us.


(Photo: ABC News.)

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