We’ve long been fans of Diana Nyad at WVFC, especially since her two precedent-setting swims last summer. As our Laura Sillerman wrote about the 62-year-old swimmer, “Diana Nyad’s dream is ageless.”  So we were particularly happy to see her, in the recent TED Talk below, describe what led her to train for and enact two swims from Key West, and her determination “not to waste a second of the time and energy I have left.” She then asks some questions we all should be asking ourselves.




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  • L Sorensen-Jolink February 23, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    Particularly after all the press speculation on the topic, it was great to hear from Diana herself why she has been, and remains, determined to swim from Cuba to Florida. Thank you, Diana, and Bravo!! I look forward to hearing a lot more, and to continuing to learn, from you!