Anna Quindlen has been reinventing herself since at least 1977, when she joined The New York Times as a general assignment reporter; since 1981, when she wrote the paper’s “About New York” column; since 1985, when her groundbreaking “Life in the Thirties” column gave voice to women throughout the country; since 1991, when she published the first of her string of best-selling novels before branching out into memoir. . . . Now, on the  verge of her 60th birthday, Quindlen offers us  Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake, about what she calls “the best age of all.” Below, she talks to iVillage about what has and has not changed for women in those years, about writing as a mom with kids, and about how her friends thought “a book about aging would be depressing, but it’s not.”





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