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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We know everyone has their feelings about Valentine’s Day—some of us love the romance of it all and some of us find the pressure to find the “perfect gift” too overwhelming. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, we still think you’ll adore these pretty love-filled things, fitting for all budgets, that might be the perfect trinket for your significant other.

We’ve selected something for each of the personality types you’re in love with—the Wordsmith, Foodie, ‘Old School Music’ Lover, Literati, and World Traveler. And remember, the whole point of the gesture is to show the one you love your appreciation. That gesture can come in the traditional flowers and chocolate (even better when coupled with lingerie) or, it can come in innovative ways like the Love Tokens we feature below or the Customized Latitude Longitude Cufflinks.


The Wordsmith: Love Tokens ($12)




The Foodie:  Indigo Dream Sushi and Sake Set for Two ($80)


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