We know, we know—it’s an invented holiday, one that has been stripped of meaning by being overblown and overdone. We also know the feeling of emptiness that can result from ignoring the day just out of stubbornness.

So why not do something that won’t make you feel like a pawn of the retail industry, and might actually make you feel good?  Check out CharityChoice.   You make a donation, and your recipient gets to designate the beneficiary from a list of more than 250 charities. Or you can designate a charity. CharityChoice offers Valentine’s Day cards as an email option and provides many ways to customize your gift of giving.  It grew out of the Special Kids Fund, and extends the value of your gift to another wonderful cause in the process.

Why not do something heartwarming for the upcoming non-holiday?  It just might swell your heart—and those of a whole lot of others as well.

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