On Thursday,  we published Ro Howe’s plan for a romantic evening  that stars you as the cunning chef who effortlessly conjures up a scrumptious dinner. Ro, chef and owner of Barraud Caterers Limited, in New York City, offers here a menu that provides a sensible structure and dishes that deliver a wonderful range of tastes and textures. She gives her recipe for one of the appetizers, classic Spanish potato and onion tortillas, in “Ro’s Recipes,” another of today’s posts.—Ed

Here’s a sample menu and some scrumptious recipes that will smooth your way to a delightful evening.


Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu


Nibbles (for the hour or so before the meal)

Classic Spanish potato and onion tortilla

Pâté de Campagne, roasted pear and pickle on Dijon-buttered toast

Spicy salmon tartare with yuzu-lime crème fraîche


Carrot gazpacho with apple yogurt

Spicy lemongrass chicken thighs or lamb or beef with bokchoy and  toasted cashews on vanilla rice

Apple, walnut, and mushroom salad with mushroom vinaigrette



Chocolate-kahlua crème brûlée


Next from Ro: (1) recipes, shopping, and other planning for the sweet night, and (2) a follow-up post on preparation and day-of tips.


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