We’re a little more than a week away from Valentine’s Day–which means that the traditionalists among us are already thinking roses. WVFC asked one of our floral-minded friends for some fresh takes on this longstanding V-Day token. Whether you’re on the giving side of a sweetheart bouquet, surprising a friend, or lavishing a little love-in-bloom on yourself (and who doesn’t deserve that?), these quick variations on a time-honored theme could give this year’s holiday that extra little spark.

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a big bouquet of red roses—but we think there are other ways to say “I Love You” with flowers.

While traditionally the red rose has symbolized love and romance, pink roses—a symbol of grace and elegance—are often given as an expression of one’s true admiration.

White roses, which reflect innocence and purity, are appropriate for marriages and new beginnings.

Orange roses can really get the evening started on the right foot, since they mean passion and fervent romance.

We think the feminine touch of lavender roses can go a long way, since they are a perfect symbol of enchantment.

And who wouldn’t want to be enchanted on Valentine’s Day?

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