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Trending Now: Women Across the Globe Getting Married . . . to Themselves

These days, according to Cosmopolitan, some single women in Canada, Japan, and the United States are unabashedly taking self-love to the limit: They are marrying themselves. With gowns and rings and invitations and carefully chosen venues. There are even wedding planners dedicated to these celebrations, like Marry Yourself Vancouver, in Canada, or the websites I Married Me and Self-Marriage Ceremonies.

These “sologamists” are searching for the congratulatory attention showered on traditional brides, but never on the single girl. Rebecca Traister, author of All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation, told Cosmopolitan’s Abigail Pesta, “Personally, as someone who lived for many years single and then did get married, I know that the kind of affirmation I got for getting married was unlike anything I’d ever had in any other part of my life.” Traister points out that marrying yourself is not a legal process — “You won’t get any tax breaks for marrying yourself. It’s more a ‘rebuke’ of tradition.”

Wedding vows? Here are a few samples:

“I will never leave myself.”
“I promise to ask for help when I’m suffering.”
“I promise to look in the mirror every day and be grateful.”
“I promise to give you the incredible life that you long for.”

But here’s more: Pesta’s article provides insight into why Erika Anderson, Dominique Youkhehpazm and Sasha Cagen chose to choose themselves—and how they staged their ceremonies.


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