There’s a reason why  the 1983 “Entre Nous” is such a classic.

How many times have we heard that it takes forever to construct deep, lasting friendships with Frenchwomen? And then, the theory goes, it takes years to be invited into their homes, into their inner circle, and into their confidence.

Once again I’ve been lucky. More than 25 years ago I moved to France. It took considerably less than one year for my first two French friends and me to realize that we were looking at long-term engagement. They are among the best friends I have ever had, anywhere. They’re loyal, gracious, and generous in every way. Truthfully, I don’t know what I would do without them.

Sometimes Frenchwomen get a bad rap for their flirtatious ways, but in my experience with my best friends and acquaintances, flirting is a charming, harmless game they play at cocktail and dinner parties; it’s part of their vast and varied repertoire. Even I know how to flirt like a Frenchwoman, and have experienced delightful evenings as a result of participating in this lively cultural tradition. Then there are all those other things they do so well— dressing with elegance and creativity, whipping up a gourmet meal in 20 minutes, keeping their sometimes difficult husbands content, decorating their homes with an eye to warmth and style—things we reputedly do less well, or not at all.

I’m the first to admit that my two best friends do many, many things better than I do, but we’re not in competition. We laugh together, commiserate ensemble, share secrets and gossip. Oh, how we gossip! And we’re always ready to pop open a bottle of Champagne whenever a circumstance—good or bad—calls for some bubbles. Or for absolutely no good reason . . . just because.

As you know by now, for the most part I admire Frenchwomen as a species, but I thought I would share with you specifically why my two copines are so special.

TOP 10 Reasons I Love My Copines

1. They know how to be reasonable.

2. They know how to be extravagant.

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  • Ange January 31, 2012 at 7:00 am

    I love my French girlfriends just as much and for the same reasons Tish. Wonderful post. I miss my friends all ovet the world. But after 17 years in France, regardless of the inconveniences I still find from time to time, I’d miss those ‘ripping open the bottle of bubbly’ sessions just a little too much to leave. Lovely post!

  • Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D. January 30, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    The wonders of the Internet, Cheree, never cease to surprise. We do hope that you return to visit our site and share your comments again and again.

    We are thrilled to have our Parisian correspondent who shares her view of the differences between the American and French women. We may find over time, however, that American women have evolved since Tish last lived in her birth country. But, we do look forward to Tish’s amusing and intelligent observations about all things that are better with champagne!

    Dr. Pat

  • Cheree Cleghorn January 30, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Tish Jett disappeared from my life and now I know why! She was a friend in her newspaper days—a fabulous writer and a fabulous friend.
    Thank you for posting her work. She’s as terrific as ever.