4010915224_eb74e98932_zTis the season of Resolutions. And if you read Dr. Allen’s hilarious post, “Twerking, Flirting, Pole Dancing: Dr. Pat Reflects on the Vows She Made Last Year,” you know that Resolutions can often push us to our better selves.

We’re trying something a bit different this year, however. The Anti-Resolution—the things we resolve NOT to do in the new year.  We’d love to hear what is on your anti-resolution list. What are the habits, practices, behaviors you’ve been doing in the past that you’ve decided not to do anymore?

Share them with us below in the comments section—be frank, be candid, be funny, be poignant, be honest. We’ll gather all your responses and feature them on Friday, when we will laugh and cheer our collective anti-resolutions. And, counter-intuitively, start the new year full of positive negativity!

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  • cp_deb January 7, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    Drink 7 days a week – need at least one day off.