“The highest-grossing live-action, limited=opening movie of all time” may sound like an always-a-bridesmaid kind of honor, but it’s far from it. With luck, it’s a harbinger of beautiful things to come for The Grand Budapest Hotel, which took in $811,166 in its release week in just four theaters across the nation.  We are hanging our hopes for another Wes Anderson triumph (and yet another for the otherworldly Tilda Swinton) on what the stalwart Boston Globe had to stay.

This, then, is a world we all lost: the genteel hangover of pre-World War I civilization that was snuffed out for good by World War II. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” depicts it with inventive sideways nostalgia, as though looking through glasses fashioned by Borges, Bunuel, or Nabokov… Bless you, Wes Anderson, for restoring it to us from your imagination.

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