Elliot Rodger’s murderous knifing-and-shooting spree last Friday has become a “capturing moment,” notes professor/ TV anchor Melissa Harris-Perry. She is discussing, on NPR, the avalanche of tweets from women declaring their outrage at their daily vulnerability to expressions of misogyny on #YesAllWOmen. This time, Harris-Perry notes, disdain for women (in all its forms) has captured a national—even global—audience.

The New Yorker’s Sasha Weiss quotes some of the tweets and provides a thoughtful analysis.

Sample tweet: #YesAllWomen because ‘I have a boyfriend’ is more effective than ‘I’m not interested’—men respect other men more than my right to say no.

Analysis: Elliot Rodger earned the fame and infamy he wished for through his act of violence, and now everyone can read about his grotesque ideas. #YesAllWomen offers a counter-testimony, demonstrating that Rodger’s hate of women grew out of attitudes that are all around us. Perhaps more subtly, it suggests that he was influenced by a predominant cultural ethos that rewards sexual aggression, power, and wealth, and that reinforces traditional alpha masculinity and submissive femininity . . . . The thread has produced over a million tweets, and they are by turns moving, enraging, astute, sorrowful, and terrifying.

Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/culture/2014/05/the-power-of-yesallwomen.html

Correction: In the first sentence, the surname “Roger” has been corrected to “Rodger.”

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