Inspiration . . . motivation . . . —however you put it, being the daughter of a working mom provides a woman with a statistically significant advantage, in terms of education and career prospects, over being the daughter of a stay-at-home mom. Working mothers’ daughters are more likely to be employed and to earn more, and they are more likely to hold supervisory positions. So found a recent Pew Research study involving 5,000 adults in 25 countries. As for sons of working mothers, they showed no advantage in terms of career and education—but they did spend more time on housework and child care than did the sons of those mothers who did not work outside the home.

Why the career benefit to daughters and not to sons? Kathleen McGinn, a professor at Harvard Business School and co-author of the study, explains the hows and whys in a segment of “The Takeaway” on WNYC. Hint: The difference has to do with the way people think about gender roles—what’s appropriate when you’re male and what’s appropriate when you’re female.

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