We love the way Narratively (“Human Stories.  Dangerously Told”) swims against the tide.   Here’s how they describe themselves:

Narratively slows down the news cycle. We avoid the breaking news and the next big headline, instead focusing exclusively on untold, human-interest stories—the rich, intricate narratives that get at the heart of what a place and its people are all about.

Each week’s coverage comes out of a theme.  One day in its Voice of the City week brought this heart-stopper from a writer who had moved into a Brooklyn neighborhood near a mosque where she heard the call to prayer several times a day:

That voice has cut through the darkest and most difficult moments in my life and awakened something inside of me. It has caused me to stop worrying and finally weep and move on. It has transported me around the world during times when I was too sick to leave my bed. It has inspired me.

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