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It just may be time to picket your local hospital—for being behind  the times if they haven’t gotten in on the healthy food trend in medical care.  American Food Roots, the site that asks the question  “Why do we eat what we eat?”, reports that hospitals across the country are joining and leading the healthy food movement.  For instance:

In southeast Michigan, the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital made a visible commitment to fresh, healthful fare. It planted a greenhouse on the site, providing all the herbs and a fifth of the other produce fed to patients, staff and visitors. The 1,500-square-foot, certified-organic greenhouse—operating since September 2012 and supported by an anonymous donor’s $1 million gift—yields cold-hardy crops such as kale and spinach in winter, and tomatoes, eggplants and green peppers in warmer months.

Resident farmer Michelle Lutz says the hospital’s former CEO, Gerard van Grinsven, “wanted everyone to eat meals that would aid in healing and avoid chronic diseases.”

What’s in your hospital?


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