Here’s a surprise. Fantasy Trade 411, a website with the whiff of the man cave about it, recently published “7 Reasons Why Women Should Play Fantasy Baseball.”

Haley Dennis, an aspiring sports journalist, composed the list and offers this one as Number 6. We like a girl who knows women can play as well as men.

It is not as tough as you think.
Your excuse for not playing last year might have been, “It seems too challenging and too difficult to keep up with.” Well, I guarantee you, fantasy baseball is much easier to keep up with than the plot twists of a daytime soap opera. There are cheat sheets to help you scout players, mock drafts to give you a sense of what your draft day will be like, and experts to tell you why it could be a bad idea to draft Dan Uggla. You are running out of excuses. Better start thinking of a witty team name.

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