For those of us who didn’t make it to Lincoln Center in New York for the recent “Women in the World 2014” summit, Suzanne Charlé has posted a rather inspiring summary at One hundred women activists from around the world—some eminent (Hillary Clinton, Christine Lagarde, Barbara Walters), some as-yet unknown, gathered for a nearly three-day conference on the future of women globally. Charlé includes many bracing stories of courage and determination, including this one:

The emphasis throughout was on action. “Don’t cry, strategize” was the advice Khalida Brohi’s father gave to her when she cried as a child in Pakistan upon seeing women beaten. At the age of 25 Khalida founded Sughar Empowerment Society, which works to stop honor-killings and promotes women’s rights—a story she told with passion to the sold-out auditorium. 

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