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Apparently, Sex and the City 2014-style now embraces scratching posts.

A New York Times Style Section article by Stephanie Butnick titled “I’m a Cat Lady? Thank You” offers this subhead: Adopting a Cat Is Seen as a Badge of Honor and Independence.  Butnick, who adopted a stray in the wake of a breakup, maintains that cat ownership is the cool new thing:

The cat ladies of yore may have been sad sacks (think of the infamous scenes in “Grey Gardens”), but this new breed is young, sociable and ambitious. And cats for them (us) are not signs of spinsterhood, but of independence. Dogs need walks and near-constant attention, but cats need hardly anything at all. They sleep while you’re at work, eat food out of a can and jump on your lap while you watch Netflix: the perfect pet for the so-called millennial.

Given how many WVFC readers are ferocious feline advocates, we might just have discovered an all-new bridge across the generation gap.

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  • hillsmom April 3, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Dogs are very nice, but I’ve always found it unfair to have dog if you are away all day working. That is assuming the dog is left alone, even if the radio is left on to a favorite station. So, IMHO, cats rule…8-) Both of ours are “rescues”, too.