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Is it Brahms? Is it Space Music? Is it the patter of a delicate rain? Joel Myer, of National Public Radio’s Soundcheck program, asked his listeners to help NPR create “The Most Relaxing Playlist Ever.” Hundreds wrote in; from their comments he chose 160 melodies likely to ease you into sleep, from the soothing, heavenly-though-eerie tones of the synthesizer in “An Ending,” by Brian Eno, to “Will o’ the Wisp,” by Miles Davis.  On the list we were pleased to see “Clair de Lune” and Bach’s “Air on the G String” . . .  and surprised to see “O Superman,” by Laurie Davis. You will have a different take on which songs are soothers and which are—well, irritants. But you should fall asleep; what we have here is 14 hours of music to drift off to.

Myer writes:

The Most Relaxing Playlist Ever” is now online in Spotify form, clocking in at a whopping 160 songs and more than 14 hours and counting. It is practically guaranteed to chill you out. It is also probably not safe for operating motor vehicles or heavy machinery.”

Listen here:

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