We know to be wary of online use of credit or debit cards, and lately we’ve been schooled in the pitfalls around ATM machines, but from AARP comes this new-to-us caution:

In addition to ATM machines, gas pumps are a popular target for “skimming,” in which crooks place a portable card-reading device inside the pump. When a motorist inserts a debit card and enters the required personal identification number, the hidden device (which can be purchased on the Internet for less than $100) captures both the data from the card’s magnetic stripe and the PIN. Later, the device is retrieved, and the stolen data is used to create a duplicate card to raid the victim’s bank account.

We can’t imagine going “cash only” on the road, but it’s something to think about.

Read more: http://blog.aarp.org/2014/05/23/6-places-to-never-use-a-debit-card/?intcmp=AE-BLIL-BL




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