We loved the challenge issued by NPR’s Studio 360, noting  the collective nouns referring to a group of like animals—for example “an exaltation of larks” or “a murder of crows.”  They challenged listeners to create collectives for a list of types of humans.

Here are a few of the creative answers they received on their website.

A Crescendo of Operagoers
A Subscription of Operagoers
An Appreciation of Operagoers

An Arc of Yoga Instructors
A Posture of Yoga Instructors
A Mat of Yoga Instructors


We would love to hear ideas for a collective noun for Women of a Certain Age.  Use the comment box below to tell us yours.


Editor’s Note: The marvelous treasury An Exaltation of Larks is still available! You’ll find the Ultimate Edition at http://www.amazon.com/An-Exaltation-Larks-Ultimate-Edition/dp/0140170960. It promises “more than 1,100 resurrected or newly minted contributions to that most endangered of all species, our language.”

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  • Toni Myers April 7, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I belong to Crone of Puget Sound, for women 55 and on, though we have a few younger members. It refers to the older wise women definition, while also turning a derogatory on its head. so, inspired by Susanna, I offer

    A wisdom of crones
    but one could play endlessly with

    a celebration of crones
    a congratulation of crones
    a convocation of crones
    a commendation of crones
    a constitution of crones
    a conflagration of crones
    a confrontation of crones
    a cultivation of crones
    a cooperation of crones

    well, you get the idea

  • Susanna Gaertner April 7, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Probably too obvious but how about a “Wisdom of Women”?