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  • Cathy Warren February 9, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    Great article. I have much experience in this field. I hate to say it, but older women can be very tight. During my resturant days I remember waiting on a table of 12 women who would frequent the pizzeria I worked at. They would all get seperate checks and each leave me .25 or .50 each, are you kidding me? Average check would be $6.00. You do the math. Ten percent of $6.00 is .60 cents. I thought we were at 20%? Maybe back then it was %15. The most I would average for their table would be $6.00. This included free and endless refills on Iced tea and coffee, extra rolls and butter, and yes 12 seperate checks. Now I can understand the seperate checks, but ladies these people run their butts off for you. Maybe a quarter more if you could spare it! We used to cringe when they would land in our section.
    It was a very long time ago. I don’t hold any crudges, really I don’t! LOL!
    Cathy Warren