Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is testing the waters for a new magazine aimed at older women, according to Women’s Wear Daily. “While the concept reportedly hasn’t been finalized, it could be positioned to compete with Town & Country in the luxury market, or to potentially chip away at Meredith Corp.’s More, which was Advertising Age’s 2006 Magazine of the Year and has seen robust circulation growth,” writes Irin Carmon.

“When Martha Stewart herself was asked in January whether her endowing a center for geriatric medicine at Mount Sinai would mean a magazine for the same demographic, she said she liked the idea but could not make forward-looking statements. The center is expected to open this fall.”

“After two years of building a full slate of live, female-targeted Talk programming, GreenStone Media is preparing to discontinue operations effective Aug. 17. Only about eight affiliates cleared the programming in mostly mid-size and smaller markets, hardly enough to sustain the network,” reports Katy Bachman at MediaWeek.

The story notes that building a new radio network is no easy task. “Launching a new radio network targeting women with female-oriented Talk programming in a male-dominated industry is even tougher,” writes Bachman. “Ironically, programming targeting female audiences is one of the most requested advertiser demographics, yet there are limited choices among traditional radio.”

Responding to the news, Lynn Harris writes at Salon: “To me, the demise of GreenStone ‘means’ only, really, that with ‘women’s’ programming — as with anything — some hits, some misses; much is alchemy.”

And Andrea Learned, an expert on marketing to women, writes, “Whether we like it or not, history shows that the ways by which you educate the general business world, especially male-dominated industries, about the women’s market demand more nuance, more time, and more years of baby steps – in order to really sink in. […] I am sure
lessons were learned by a lot of other people/organizations trying to
bring the radio industry up to speed with the women’s market – and it
will be interesting to see what arises from these ashes.”

“Countless academic presses publish the latest in gender scholarship. But these days many in the field want to climb down from the Ivory Tower and exert more influence through the popular press and blogging,” writes Courtney E. Martin at Women’s eNews.

Columnist Ellen Goodman writes about the maleness — and the whiteness — of the dominant political blogs and the gender grassroots rebellion that is underway.

“For the first time, a woman is the favourite to win presidential elections in Argentina, but gender equity in the home is lagging way behind,” reports IPS. A household survey carried out by the National Statistics and Census Institute found that seven out of 10 men living in Buenos Aires admit they don’t clean the house or prepare food, and some acknowledge not caring for children or the elderly.

The New York Times reports on the resignation of Ellyn McColgan, a Fidelity executive who had been considered an heir apparent to the chairman and chief executive, Edward C. Johnson III. “There is a glass ceiling for anyone, male or female, who wants Ned’s job,” said John Bonnanzio, editor of Fidelity Insight, an independent newsletter.


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  • Cynthia Samuels August 10, 2007 at 8:58 am

    Christine I’ve built a large part of my career on baby boom awareness, even blogged about it several times. My generation of women is definitely available both in print and online. The product just has to be cool with the sensibility of women my age without being a “don’t look old, Facelifts R Us” focus.
    In the same way that we’re reluctant to join AARP we want to think about living to the utmost not finding ways to settle for less as we age. We fought very hard for choices – when I kept my name it was a big deal, when I went back to work after my son’s birth 32 years ago it was a big deal etc etc.
    I want what I want and I feel that I’ve earned it. (NO bulletin to anyone reading this blog of course) It will be interesting to see if the queen of domesticity can offer that….