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Three Great Upper Body Stretches to Do Every Day

Upper Body Str #4   Upper Body Str #5

3. Overhead Tricep Stretch – Standing or sitting, lift your right arm up and bend it behind your head. Try not to let your right shoulder hunch up as you do this. With your left hand, press your right forearm toward your upper back for 2 seconds, then relax, then press again for 2 seconds. Repeat the 2 second press and release six more times. Then, if possible, hold the right elbow above your head and pull your right arm gently across behind your head to the right for 15-20 seconds. Be careful not to press your right arm against your head or neck. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds. Repeat the stretch on your left arm.
Giving your arms and shoulders some regular stretches like these everyday will make your upper body feel lighter and allow you to perform all the amazing things you do with your arms with more ease and grace.
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