This Saturday, at 8 p.m. EDT, HBO will air Confirmation, a film on the notorious 1991 Senate hearings in which Anita Hill charged Clarence Thomas with what now would be termed “sexual harassment.” (The Senate discounted her claims by confirming Thomas’s nomination to the Supreme Court.) Kerry Washington plays Hill; Wendell Pierce plays Thomas.

A Today News article  posts a 1991 Today show interview in which Katie Couric asks Hill why “we didn’t hear about these charges until the 11th hour.” Hill’s mild reply: “I don’t believe they were necessarily taken seriously. I can only say that this is part of the frustration that I’m experiencing, that a lot of women are experiencing, that these kinds of claims are not taken seriously, that this is not an issue that men can deal with necessarily without a lot of different supporting documentation—and that just doesn’t happen in most cases.”

Amen to that. But “this issue” is taken far more seriously now than it was before Hill’s testimony brought it into the open.

Hill is currently a law professor at Brandeis University. Read more about the film, and about the current Today show interview in which Hill declares, “I’m at peace with my own history.”

Read the National Organization for Women’s “Brief History of Sexual Harassment in the United States

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