by Laura Sillerman

Shame stalks us like a hungry dog running after a meat truck, especially when the source of our guilt is something as dark, as imperative, as shocking as … Dickens. 

Whether it’s Dickens, Flaubert or Wharton, surely there’s an estimable classic that you’ve experienced on the screen but not on the page. "Bleak House." "The Way We Live Now." These are doorstops, not something we tuck in a beach bag or take to bed. 

Now has arrived to set you free. Free is an operative word here. From what our many correspondents have determined through fast and easy use of DailyLit, there are no costs — in actually dollars or spam.

All you do is visit the site, browse through a list of offerings from Architecture to War, including the philosophy of Nietzsche, the poetry of Coleridge, and classics from Austen to Zola and as far reaching as Scaramouche.

Sign up to receive about three minutes worth of text in your email (or handheld device) daily, weekdays or Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Specify the time of day you’d like to receive it (early risers might like to start with a 5 a.m. snippet while those who eat lunch at their desks might prefer noon), and you’re off and running. 

Time for more? Just click to receive the next installment immediately. Overwhelmed? Suspend delivery for a while. 

Too good to be true? Apparently not. Life is too short and this time of life is too much fun to miss out on the chance to quote Trollope the next time you sit next to a pompous blowhard or to muse on Dickinson with your favorite niece. Who says we’re not up-to-the minute in the web world? Take on one of the centuries old texts and prove you are.

Laura Baudo Sillerman, an author and poet, is president of a New York City-based charitable foundation and is a board member of Women’s Voices for Change.

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  • Elizabeth Hemmerdinger December 3, 2006 at 10:53 pm

    Love this site. WIsh there were more women authors, but I’ll get my daily dose anyway. E