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The Wednesday Five: Innovation Edition

This week’s Wednesday Five focuses on groundbreaking innovations in tech, fashion, grocery store shopping, and simply making the world a better place. Featured is the new Amazon checkout-free grocery store, a coat that doubles as a sleeping bag for people that are homeless, a virtual reality tool at alleviates loneliness in patients with long hospital stays, a lovely gizmo that delivers your glass of wine with the perfect temperature and aeration, and the women who are topping the lists of best podcasts for 2016.


1. Amazon’s CheckOut-Free Grocery Store

Imagine a grocery store where you can grab what you need and go — no checkout lines. No need to imagine it anymore. WIRED magazine reports: “On Monday, Amazon took the wraps off Amazon Go, a real-world grocery store that comes with a twist: there’s no checkout process. You just grab the stuff you want and walk out; the order posts to your Amazon account afterwards. There are no cashiers, no lines, no fumbling for a credit card.”


2. The Empowerment Plan Designs a Coat that Doubles as a Sleeping Bag to Keep the Homeless Warm

A beautiful story merging design, fashion, and innovation to help communities that are struggling. This coat is designed by Veronika Scott, CEO and founder of The Empowerment Plan. She also empowers women to become more independent by hiring women living in homeless shelters. The coat has been distributed to more than 10,000 people in the U.S. and Canada.


3. Virtual Reality Aims to Alleviate Patients in the Hospital Bed

A collaboration between Australian VR company Liminal and Australian health insurer Medibank aims to transport lonely patients out of their hospital environment with an immersive audiovisual Virtual Reality experience called ‘Joy.’

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