This week the blogosphere wondered about Jane Lynch hosting the Emmys, cheered women drivers in Saudi Arabia, and chided yet another big corporation facing a sex-discrimination lawsuit.

  • International news has been on the grim side lately, especially perhaps from the Middle East. But Lynn Parramore at New Deal 2.0 showcases this surprise from that part of the world:  “One day not too long ago, Shaima Osama had enough. She was sick of not being able to drive in her home country of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, she was just plain sick, needing to go to the hospital for an injection. But Shaima is a woman, so unless she could find a driver, she would not be getting her injection. Struck by the brute unfairness of this and inspired by the revolutions sweeping across the Middle East, Shaima did something audacious. In her words: “I took the keys, took a deep breath and started the car.” Click over for the rest of the story, from a land where women don’t get driver’s licenses no matter what — and what we can do to support women like Shaima.
  • It’s been a while since we brought you something from Nicole Hollander’s Bad Girl Chats, even a hilarious Sylvia cartoon like this one.  But then we found an actual editorial by Nicole, sparked by the latest polls:  “This graph shows the number of people, who have received Social Security benefits but claimed, in response to a government survey, that they have not used a government social program. … Did they think their monthly check came from the tooth fairy?” Click over to see the actual chart and the rest of Hollander’s perspective, as astringent as that of her characters.
  • “What do you call a company with women comprising 5 percent of its global executive team and 4 percent of its global board?” asks Joanne Cleaver at Women Drivers. Her answer: “Defendant.” The offending company this month, says Cleaver, is Big Four accounting firm KPMG, often touted as a “best company for women.” Instead, she says, we have “what is becoming a depressingly familiar scenario,” in which KPMG has “one woman on each of its top governing bodies, though women are 50 percent of all employees.” It, therefore, has”a high profile discrimination lawsuit” on its hands. We’ll keep an eye on how that class action goes, and whether KPMG wants to live up to its good press or join the ranks of Wal-Mart.
  • At Successful Woman Blog, Liz Strauss asks Where are your cheerleaders? “Do you have a ‘cheerleader file?’ I do. When my perspective is skewed by my doubt, I take the time to go through messages and mementos from people whose lives I have touched for the better,” she writes. And all of us, she adds, should “Take a moment to thank your cheerleaders. They probably don’t expect thanks, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate being noticed. … When has someone’s faith in you changed your life for the better? Remember, we’re all in this together.”
  • Now that the Tony Awards are over, there’ll be even more talk of the Emmys — especially now that WVFC fave Jane Lynch has been tapped as host. The central question, writes The Linster at, is whether the show will be hosted by veteran actress Lynch or her character from Glee. Everyone’s ecstatic about the choice of Lynch, she writes, “But the past few days I’ve seen some interesting — and divergent — thoughts about whether Sue Sylvester should appear as well.” Click over for a roundup of those opinions from teenagers, TV critics and fans, and tell us what you think. Is Sue’s the voice you want to hear at Emmy night?

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