This week, the blogosphere offers us Mary Kay’s pioneering pink Cadillacs, a killer latke recipe for Chanukah, an exec contemplating the lifespan of friendships, and a cinematic flashback to the 1970s from Sundance’s favorite new woman director.

  • We usually regard, run by tech guru and journalist Deb, as something of a guilty pleasure.  But for Chanukah week, we can’t resist sharing this Apple Latkes recipe. Enjoy!
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics: three words that generally add up to mixed feelings for most women. So much pink! Such Amway-style tactics! But Wild Women Reviews’ feelings changed after reading Jacki Brown’s Ask ME About Mary Kay. “After reading this book,” they write,  “I am definitely going to read some of the books written by Mary Kay, a highly persuasive and ambitious woman who created a billion dollar company that made many women rich in a time when the role of many women was that of housewife or secretary.”
  • Widespread applause met last month’s release of Burmese dissident Aung San Suu Kyi from prison. But Women’s Enews reports that even for her most fervent supporters, the joy has its limits:  “The widespread elation over the freeing of Suu Kyi may have helped drown the international outcry over elections held by the military government that were decried on numerous counts of fraud, coercion and a host of illegal voting tactics. But Suu Kyi’s release hasn’t changed the reality for [many] people, who have been fighting a civil war with the Burmese junta for over 60 years.”
  • Molly Cantrell, CEO of Women with Drive Foundation, asks at Successful Blog: Do your friends hold you back? And she doesn’t just mean co-workers:  “Take a moment to list the top ten people you see each day, even if it’s a clerk at a store. I know that the clerk may seem like a minuscule exposure, but our habits affect our mood, our perspective and our trajectory. If you stop at a place for coffee every morning and the clerk is snide, abrupt and rude, how does that set the tone for your day?”

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